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     I can't remember who recommended KentishTownCarpetCleaners to me, but I'm so glad that they did. The home cleaning service is the best investment I ever made, and my home is spotless thanks to them.
Carey V19/05/2020
     I am very happy with the superb and consistent results from their service. They did an especially nice job on their last visit to clean our home!
     How had I never heard of these guys before? Kentish Town Cleaning Company are now one of my favourite companies ever, they have saved me so much time, hassle and stress with their cleaning services and I honestly don't know how I survived without them. My life is now cleaner and more relaxed than it's ever been and they are the reason for it. I love not having to worry about cleaning any more. Thank you all so much!
Merle Watkins30/03/2018
     I don't mind cleaning my home, but cleaning my oven is a job I absolutely hate. Not only does it take up most of my day, but it's a difficult job that always leave me with sore arms! I hired KentishTownCarpetCleaners to take away the hassle of it all for me, and they were very impressive. Not only did my oven end up gleaming, but it took no time at all and wasn't too pricey either! I'm really happy with this company and I'm glad I won't need to clean my oven ever again!
     I'm very glad that I chose Carpet Cleaners Kentish Town for my one-off house clean. The company did a great job at cleaning my entire home, and they didn't leave so much as a speck of dirt behind. Everything from my light fittings to my skirting boards were dusted and polished, while all of my kitchen and bathroom were sanitised. A great service that was very affordable too!
Matthew Thomas29/01/2015
     I wanted to let everyone know that we recently had an excellent experience with Carpet Cleaners Kentish Town and as such, would be more than happy to lend our names to a positive review endorsing them for all sorts of cleaning services. We were looking for one big clean, something deep and effective to get our house ready for a bit of an event we were planning. They managed to clean in ways which we have never even expected. Totally exceeded expectations, will be using again in the future, for sure.
R. George07/01/2015
     When it comes to mattress cleaning we have always found it best to leave it to the professionals. It is a job that needs an expert touch and also expert equipment and products. We spoke to Carpet Cleaners Kentish Town as they had a good name locally and they gave us a great price on the mattresses we needed cleaning. Their cleaners are the very best you can find. They are friendly and professional as well as being dedicated to getting our mattresses perfectly clean. Our mattresses have not looked as good since they were bought and I am absolutely confident that anyone using their cleaning services will be extremely pleased with the fantastic results they get.
James Robertson09/10/2014
     My nephews come to stay often and the house usually resembles a war zone after the little terrors leave. I'm talking things strewn all over the place and food stains everywhere. When I heard of Carpet Cleaners Kentish Town, it seemed like a dream come true to find quality upholstery cleaning services at such affordable rates. Now, whenever my nephews are visiting I schedule a clean up with the cleaning agency for the following day. I can relax and have fun with my little darlings and look forward to a clean and spot-free home at the end of it all.
     When I have to run an event, I always know who I am getting to sort out the post event clean up - Carpet Cleaners Kentish Town. They have been a consistent help throughout a few different events that I have done, and I am very happy to say that they will always be, at least they will be as long as I am getting such excellent prices form them! You never really know what you are going to get form companies like this until you use them, and I was very happily surprised indeed!
Brandon Miller31/07/2014
     I have two cats and my carpets never look as good as I want them too. I'd love to have the time to clean them myself, but I just can't fit it into my schedule, which is why I use Carpet Cleaners Kentish Town's carpet cleaning service. The service is fast, affordable and very professional. My carpets look and smell amazing for quite a while after the clean too, which I really appreciate! My houseguests always comment on how clean my carpets are, and some even thought I'd had new ones put in! I love this cleaning service and think everyone should give it a go!
Alice F.08/07/2014
     Carpet Cleaners Kentish Town your cleaners saved my life! My parents went away so I thought I'd throw a party for all of my friends, but when they decided to come back early I had so much cleaning work to do, and I thought I had ruined the new sofa with red wine and the carpet had seen better days. The professional staff knew exactly what to do, and what I thought was going to be a huge, expensive job, well these lovely ladies seemed to just take it in their stride. They told me they had seen it all before and it was no bother at all.
     I was looking for a carpet cleaning company to take care of my carpets before my baby shower. Our carpet was originally cream but had turned a horrible beige/brown over the years. Don't even get me started about the stains. Anyway, I hired Carpet Cleaners Kentish Town hoping they could clean it a little. A little? They did more than that! My carpet was cream again and all the stains were gone! I was able to book them in time for my baby shower meaning that I didn't have to be embarrassed about a whole load of people seeing my dirty carpet.
Francis Minogue27/03/2014
     Cleaning is something that I've never had time to do properly. Sure, I run a vacuum about, but in reality, it's never going to be the depth of cleanliness that I really need, and I figured that it was because of work etc. Carpet Cleaners Kentish Town have therefore made my life a lot easier, by ensuring that I can relax about the housework, whilst also working hard.
Amelia Baker05/03/2014
     If you have specialty upholstery or furniture that you need cleaned, I would recommend hiring Carpet Cleaners Kentish Town. The staff at Carpet Cleaners Kentish Town know exactly what cleaning agents to use to ensure that your leather couches are cleaned to perfection. They use cleaning agents that do not damage the leather or fabric of your upholstery. The service they provided was thorough and affordable. They really put years on my furniture and they now feel fresh and clean. I can visibly notice the difference on the upholstery. What a great and affordable service, thanks for the clean!
     Having read all the positive reviews on this site I thought it only right that I add my experiences to the pile, and just like everyone else there isn't a bad word to say about Carpet Cleaners Kentish Town. I use them on a yearly basis to professionally clean all the carpets in my house. It takes them less than a day and the before-and-after comparison photos are incredible. I like to take them just to remind myself how quickly carpets degrade over time, and what an amazing finish this team of experts manages to achieve in such quick time. It really freshens the place up every time.
J. Rangford30/01/2014
     I want the best for my staff, from equipment to working environment, because without them my company would not be where it is today. When it comes to maintaining a clean office there are a plethora of underperforming contractors out there, and trust me, I have hired a few. But when a fellow business owner recommended Carpet Cleaners Kentish Town I thought I would give them a go, and that really was a long time ago now. They do a fantastic job of making sure my staff have a clean space in which they can flourish. Thanks guys.
Roger N.05/12/2013

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